Gareth Bale: coming, going, staying or somewhere else? That is the Question, but

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Gareth Bale: coming, going, staying or somewhere else? That is the Question, but what is the bloody answer.

Bale is a phenomenal player, and we saw him here first (or at least his greatness). He conquered and dazzled the fans and we wanted more. In some cases it looked like he had taken on every single team single handily. He was 16 years at our club, until he was sold for – then – a record fee. He scored 55 goals for us in all competitions. Then he moved to Real Madrid and started winning the trophies that he was unable to win with us.

Real Madrid: Trophies he has won with them
La Liga: 2016–17
Copa del Rey: 2013–14
Supercopa de España: 2017
UEFA Champions League: 2013–14, 2015–16, 2016–17, 2017–18
UEFA Super Cup: 2014, 2017
FIFA Club World Cup: 2014,2017

Impressive. Just imagine if he stayed with us and what he could have won… exactly, I know what you are thinking… but they can’t touch you for it.

The speculations for the last couple of years is that we will repurchase him, after all, he has a clause in his contract that if we can match what any other team offers him then he is ours. That is if he wants to leave Real Madrid.

After Real Madrid beat Liverpool 3-1, the speculations intensified when Bale made specific comments that looked like he wanted to move on because he wasn’t getting enough football where he is (he came on as a sub and scored two of the goals). The only problem is that he is on £600,000 per week. And there aren’t many clubs that can afford that sort of price, certainly not Spurs. Even United – who are favourites – would bulk at that sort of money. But that hasn’t stopped our fans from going into overdrive and saying all kinds of things in the belief that he is coming back here. If bollocks could detach themselves from the penis, then you would have ready-made earrings. There are a lot of “ifs” and little reality in fans thinking. If only they could put their thinking into running our club, then this conversation wouldn’t be happening as we wouldn’t have a club by now. Thank God for small Murfs. Anyway, back to reality.

So, will  Bale go or stay? Me thinks he will stay, but if he does go then it will be to a European team. It has been reported that Bale doesn’t like José Mourinho’s style, but money is a powerful aphrodisiac. What was the phrase when negotiating the National Health service in 1946: “stuff their mouths with gold”? Money talks and Bale will go wherever the money is, but it won’t be to our new stadium. So that is sorted.

No Bale to N17 then. He is 28 years old and running out of years in the top flight so there may come a time when he might offer himself to us at a bargain price, but by then we would have moved on… but who knows! If it weren’t for dreams, then there would be nothing wet to wash us down by and put smiles on our faces.

I went to the Real Madrid game last year – home & away – and I was disappointed that he didn’t play. But then again I would have been more disappointed if he had made the difference and scored the goals that might have beaten us. You can never win…

So; I am sorry to report that he won’t be coming to our neck of the woods (unless it is with one of our opponents).

I like to add a Caveat: there is also speculation that he is prepared to lower his wages if he went to Spurs. This is pie in the sky and no foundation to this rumour other than the press making hay out of it. He is a young lad that thinks of his family and his and their future and there is no way that he will take a pay cut just to please Spurs over the future welling being of his family. The only way that could happen if offers dried up.

Onwards and upwards. We moulded him, we made him into the superstar he is now. He will always be in our hearts, and no doubt a little bit of us is in him.
Yoko Ono famously said “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”

 There you have it… all you need now is that our combined dreams include Tottenham Hotspur FC making riches out of their new enterprise/ stadium to be able to do what we’ve been dreaming about.
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