Mauricio Pochettino has a new wage packet

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Mauricio Pochettino has a new wage packet
« on: May 25, 2018, 05:54:56 PM »
Mauricio Pochettino has a new wage packet.

So good old boy Pochettino has been given a pay rise. Was he worth it? Methinks so. Ever since he took us to the dizzy heights of Champions League football, over 3 years, other clubs have been sniffing around his backside. No firm bids were made, but that didnít stop leaked reports pissing every Spurs fan off.

My personal view is that he would have been stupid to leave. After retiring from football he was made coach of his old team Espanyol, his second professional team he played for. He was there for three years (2009-12) before leaving on mutual consent. But his star started to rise as some commentators were impressed with his style and enthusiasm.

Little old Southampton beckoned, and of course, they were looking for someone, as their manager had departed. He came, he saw, and he conquered. Only a year at Southampton and his form was impressive. In his first full season in charge, he took them to eighth position in the league, the highest the club had been since the 2002-3 season. Everybody started to take notice. The Southampton fans loved him.

In the meantime, Tottenham Hotspur was looking for their 10th manager in 12 years. Good reports of what Pochettino was doing at Southampton tickled the Tottenham board enough to make a swoop.

In his first season he took Spurs to fifth position and Europa league football. This was followed by third place spot, which was followed by second and then third. The last place was done under upheaval conditions. We moved from White Hart Lane to Wembley and primarily played all our games away from home. The critics lunged and gave Spurs no chance. We were supposed to fall out of the top four spot and be humiliated in the Champions League. None of that came to pass, but considering that we played under such conditions, our achievements werenít that bad.
Now we move into our new stadium and a new phase in our history. So, yes, I agree that he should have been given a wage rise, at the same time I believe that for other clubs to attempt Pochettino away would have been stupid on their part and Pochettinoís part if he had accepted them. He hasnít won anything yet, the longest club he has been at is his current club, Spurs. To walk out of Spurs and straight into oncoming headlights would have been stupid. So signing a new five-year deal was more realistic. But he isnít out of the woods yet. He must build on what he has achieved with his players over the four years he has been at the club. He needs to get rid of the dead wood and bring in fresh blood. Then he must challenge for top honours.

Some are saying that City will be at the top for many years to come. Bulls**t. Were they really that good, or were the others that bad and not up to the mark? United was blowing hot and cold, Spurs had their own demons (no home fixtures for a whole season). Liverpool had moments of brilliance, but at the same time showed ordinariness. Ars*nal and Chelsea had their own difficulties and had to settle for European footballís no-mans-land. So, it wasnít a case of Cityís brilliance, but the others failures to get their house in order to challenge City. When clubs shrugged off their own lethargicness and rose above the parapet, they took the game to City and won (United, Liverpool (three times) and little old Wigan).

Spurs lost or drew some stupid games, where they should have won. Next season isnít going to be that easy for them either. An untested pitch will give a feel of away matches, until they can embed themselves in and make the new ground a fortress, just as they did at White Hart Lane.

If Pochettino canít achieve anything in the next five years, then it is time for him to move on. Not only from his point of view, but ours as well.
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