Is Football Manager the answer part 2

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Is Football Manager the answer part 2
« on: August 15, 2014, 09:32:02 AM »
Now this may seem a bit crazy but I think that we should ditch our scouting system and put the money into increasing our wage bill. Meanwhile, allow Harry to spend one day a week on his PC and play Football Manager. All the names that have been banded around by all the top clubs are players that were not well known before (By the general public at least). Play a few seasons on FM and find the players that turn into stars. Get in an early bid (unheard of at spurs by the way), wait for the player to become a hero, and reap the plaudits for discovering an 'unknown talent'. EASY!
Players that become stars in FM:

Okay, so a bit tongue in cheek, but why do we insist on waiting till the last minute to try and scrape a deal? The way the Modric saga has been handled so far has been excellent, I hope we can stand firm. But unless we start to declare we mean business and start bringing in some quality, we will only repeat last season or worse.

I know we still have time, but let's get the squad right before pre-season begins, so we can hit the ground running. Looking at the fixture list I think this could potentially be our best season in the premiership yet, a few tough games at the start and then from the end of March to May the games look good for us. So if we can get a good start, we may be able to keep the momentum going. With the right acquisitions we could push for top 3.

Back in 2011 I started a thread with the above idea. It seems that it wasn't so silly and the Premier League have finally caught up. The truth is that this database is so detailed and able to pick out the best of the young talent before they are known by most of the world. Back in 2011 players like Varane, Phil Jones, Paul Pogba, Oxade-Chamberlain, James Rodriguez (for less than 1 million!), Coutinho, Hazard, Lukaku, and Neymar, as well as Eriksen and Lamela for a lot less than we paid for them, were all considered wonderkids and would have benn available for a fraction of the price that they are currently valued at. If Levy wants to keep playing the buy players to sell later, then he should at least be trying to buy them younger and for far less, before they become more well known.

Only problem is, now everyone will be doing it, should have listened to me 3 years ago, look at the squad we could now have (or sell  ;) )

Anyway,this story just made me smile a little. :)
Maybe next year...