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Author Topic: World Cup 2018 Tunisia 1 England 2.  (Read 317 times)

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World Cup 2018 Tunisia 1 England 2.
« on: June 20, 2018, 05:38:00 PM »
Tunisia 1 England 2.

This was an up and down game… and then up.  Harry scored after 11 minutes (who else) into the game and then through a stupid hand-waving or hand defence by ex-Spurs player Walker helped Tunisia equalise with a penalty. Fans helped their heads in their hands... if you were an Ars*nal supporter you probably dropped it (not a pretty sight!). Long after that penalty Walker was protesting his innocence. That was in the first half and after 35 minutes. Our hearts were in our mouths (God knows where Walker's was!). The second half came with many fouls on Kane, but that didn’t stop the referee being inconsistent and ignoring fouls on our players. Alli seemed injured and his consistency dropped, then injury time came – still drawing – with Tunisia throwing everything at us… then, good old boy, Harry puts his head into gear, ball into the net and we finally and deservedly are 2-1 up and then game over. All good things end well in the end. Not to have won would have been an injustice. Eighteen million viewers and over watched that match. The same amount that voted for Brexit (actually just under, but it was too good not to mention!)... conspiracy, coincidence, alien interference or who gives a Finklestein? Yes, let us leave it. There is enough going on in Parliment to worry about distractions. Let us stick to Tottenham and how they can help England march onwards and upwards!!!!!

The media went wild (that is the match, not about Parliment),  fans rejoiced and everybody was happy. More important – yes, more important than the result – was that Tottenham was on the lips of everybody. I say bring on all the Spurs players to guarantee an even better win and the heavens will open. And no Ars*nal player in sight. What more can a real fan of football purity want? Maybe, a season ticket at Spurs… there are some still some going begging, anyway, we are side-tracking with enjoyable goodies… back to the task at hand. Don’t you just love being a Spurs supporters?

Next up is Panama this Sunday, so no Church (or just Charlotte Chruch), or the bricks and mortar Church if you want to pray for the right result… any praying I do will be to the Gods of spurs to spray their wisdom on our players to help the England team on to even greater things.

There you have it, but a word of warning. I fancy our chances better when we play the likes of Belgium, Germany etc as we raise our game. Teams like Tunisia we are expected to win and therefore there is more of a chance for them get an upset. Just look at Germany, Argentina and Brazil (where all the nuts are)  and you can see how surprises can really surprise you.

Not one week gone and we are all in full swing and happy moods. Even good old Russian espionage, or killings, Soviet thoughts, or public beatings or even misuse of inappropriate Computer playing to help Political allies, has phased the FIFA World Cup yet. But there is time...

Dobryj vyechyer! dohb–rihy vye-cheer (that is Russian, not bollocks talk... well, I suppose it is if you don't understand anything Russian or any language then it will be all bollocks talk) to you all and until the next time... let us do even better!

The above means "Good Evening". My Russian is good, more so when I put it in a translator and came up with what you've got. If a Russian spy saw that and said I've got it wrong, just don't put me in the Gulag and do nasty things to me... such as things you would normally have to pay for privately...

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