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Title: Tonight is the night. England v Columbia
Post by: Voice on July 03, 2018, 05:10:41 PM
Today or evening is the day when football fans stand still (or sit) for hopefully a great spectacle. The day that England shows their metal. Not only in the eyes of the English population but the rest of the world, who will be looking in as well. And of course, let us not forget Wales, Scotland and Ireland (north and south), who will be looking in with jealousy in their hearts. And let us, also, not forget Ars*nal (who?), who sadly (ha!) have no players in the team. Never mind, they can enjoy the Spurs backbone of the England team showing the world and Ars*nal how it is done.

The team against Belgium wasn’t actually a full team, but a team of reserves. The team that beat Tunisia and Panama will be the team that is out there tonight.

How we play tonight against Columbia – and win – will determine our qualities and how far we can go. Even a win, but a poor performance will see the vultures circulating. Of course, if we can go all the way and win the trophy it won’t really matter how we performed as the Trophy will cover many sins. But I am jumping the gun.

I will be sitting with a good glass of red wine and some nibbles while watching the game. I hope you – the readers of this – be in a comfortable position and shouting the hell out of your location. Whatever you are doing, enjoy, savour and get behind the team.