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Title: England 0 Belgium 1 (a bit late)
Post by: Voice on July 02, 2018, 05:18:00 PM
England  0 Belgium 1

England lost against Belgium for a place at the top of the table. But to be honest, I didnít know how to word that last sentence. Should it be that England, by losing had actually won the smarter move and Belgium actually lost? Was it tactical genius, or poor management? Whatever way we look at it the deed is done. Fate awaits us.

Years ago, and I am talking about years ago, it was always the done thing to put your best team out and only using subs when really necessary (such as injuries or poor performance), of  course that was years ago. Modern football is all about rotation and giving everybody a chance, even if it means we take one step forward and two back. Granted, it works for some... others, just get mocked and lose out.

The good news that we have learnt from that match, and that is Southgateís second string team isnít good enough to win a paper bag fight (unless they were told to lose, if so then I apologise).

There isnít really much one can write about as it was a non-match. Other than tactical genius or naive stupidity. Southgate is a young manager learning the ropes. The team are also young and learning the ropes. I will say that Martinez didnít look like he appreciated Belgium's goal, and he also made a substantial amount of changes himself. So it was the battle of tactically trying to lose, and Belgium lost, and England won. What is for sure, if we win and Belgium lose then the press will have a field day and praise Southgate. If England loses then the knives will be out for wasting an opportunity to beat Belgium.  s**t happens, but s**t also depends on which way the wind is blowing and who gets the wind in their face.

What was also interesting was the atmosphere by the England fans. Nobody really seemed bothered that we lost. Apart from a few moans and groans, overall they were reasonably happy. Even the press and commentators seemed a bit subdued.

My feelings, by talking to certain people (if you know what I mean; a nod is as good as a wink to a blind man, sort of thing) was that the whole things was a tremendous tactical genius display, if it was pulled off well. Personally, I am not a gambler, but then again I am not running the national or a league team. And I certainly donít get the money they get. What was it that Disraeli said about ďgreasy poles?Ē

Everything, so far, connected to the Russian tournament seems to be going well, and everything is tickety-boo (that is if you count England losing a good thing).

Onwards and upwards, and the next port of call is England v Columbia. All fine at sea, until the big waves come and start swishing one around.

Since writing that piece there has been a few developments: Spain, Germany, Argentina, Denmark have made an exit. Let us hope we can keep our momentum and beat Columbia.
Title: Re: England 0 Belgium 1 (a bit late)
Post by: spursjoolz on July 02, 2018, 09:48:19 PM
Tomorrow is the big one. We will all be s***g bricks come kick-off time
Title: Re: England 0 Belgium 1 (a bit late)
Post by: Voice on July 03, 2018, 05:11:15 PM
And over the moon if we win.