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Spurs Chat / Re: Tables released and new stadium
« Last post by spursjoolz on Yesterday at 09:42:58 PM »
All I can say is that, as a non season ticket holder,  I look forward to going back to the Lane (as it still is) to watch our boys next season.
World Football / World Cup 2018 Tunisia 1 England 2.
« Last post by Voice on Yesterday at 05:38:00 PM »
Tunisia 1 England 2.

This was an up and down game… and then up.  Harry scored after 11 minutes (who else) into the game and then through a stupid hand-waving or hand defence by ex-Spurs player Walker helped Tunisia equalise with a penalty. Fans helped their heads in their hands... if you were an Ars*nal supporter you probably dropped it (not a pretty sight!). Long after that penalty Walker was protesting his innocence. That was in the first half and after 35 minutes. Our hearts were in our mouths (God knows where Walker's was!). The second half came with many fouls on Kane, but that didn’t stop the referee being inconsistent and ignoring fouls on our players. Alli seemed injured and his consistency dropped, then injury time came – still drawing – with Tunisia throwing everything at us… then, good old boy, Harry puts his head into gear, ball into the net and we finally and deservedly are 2-1 up and then game over. All good things end well in the end. Not to have won would have been an injustice. Eighteen million viewers and over watched that match. The same amount that voted for Brexit (actually just under, but it was too good not to mention!)... conspiracy, coincidence, alien interference or who gives a Finklestein? Yes, let us leave it. There is enough going on in Parliment to worry about distractions. Let us stick to Tottenham and how they can help England march onwards and upwards!!!!!

The media went wild (that is the match, not about Parliment),  fans rejoiced and everybody was happy. More important – yes, more important than the result – was that Tottenham was on the lips of everybody. I say bring on all the Spurs players to guarantee an even better win and the heavens will open. And no Ars*nal player in sight. What more can a real fan of football purity want? Maybe, a season ticket at Spurs… there are some still some going begging, anyway, we are side-tracking with enjoyable goodies… back to the task at hand. Don’t you just love being a Spurs supporters?

Next up is Panama this Sunday, so no Church (or just Charlotte Chruch), or the bricks and mortar Church if you want to pray for the right result… any praying I do will be to the Gods of spurs to spray their wisdom on our players to help the England team on to even greater things.

There you have it, but a word of warning. I fancy our chances better when we play the likes of Belgium, Germany etc as we raise our game. Teams like Tunisia we are expected to win and therefore there is more of a chance for them get an upset. Just look at Germany, Argentina and Brazil (where all the nuts are)  and you can see how surprises can really surprise you.

Not one week gone and we are all in full swing and happy moods. Even good old Russian espionage, or killings, Soviet thoughts, or public beatings or even misuse of inappropriate Computer playing to help Political allies, has phased the FIFA World Cup yet. But there is time...

Dobryj vyechyer! dohb–rihy vye-cheer (that is Russian, not bollocks talk... well, I suppose it is if you don't understand anything Russian or any language then it will be all bollocks talk) to you all and until the next time... let us do even better!

The above means "Good Evening". My Russian is good, more so when I put it in a translator and came up with what you've got. If a Russian spy saw that and said I've got it wrong, just don't put me in the Gulag and do nasty things to me... such as things you would normally have to pay for privately...

From Russia with Love

Spurs Chat / Tables released and new stadium
« Last post by Voice on June 15, 2018, 06:56:22 PM »
Tables released and new stadium

So, where do we start? I suppose the new stadium.

It has been confirmed that we will be moving into our new ground this up and coming season, but not until September 15th, and that will be against Liverpool. That is just over one month after the league has started, which is on the 11th August and that match will be against Newcastle United away. However, officially, we do have a home game against Fulham – are you following me so far? – at, yes,Wembley.

We could have played away again, but the coaching team thought it wouldn’t be a good idea to play a whole month away from the mass Tottenham supporters, therefore, we will revisit our temporary home for just one match before the fanfare and trumpets start ringing out, and we finally arrive at our new stadium.

According to my contacts within the regime, this was planned months ago… even far back as 2017 (that is if they could twist the arm of the FA to allow them to do so, which we have done). But the story isn’t over yet, as the Liverpool game won’t be our first inaugural game or allowing the masses in. There will be four openings – Spurs actually wanted 3, but the FA insisted on four – or operational tester matches. Who or what will entertain. I’ve been given a few ideas, but won’t say anything here in case it has been changed (as plans have been thrown backwards and forwards, however, I can say that one of the suggestions is Tottenham Ladies playing at the new stadium. One earlier proposal was that fans were invited to the ground for drinks, but that was thrown out. I also believe, as things stand now, whoever we’ve got the entrance fee should be free, but fans will have to apply.

The operation dates are 5th, 18/19th, 25th/ 26th and 1st ort 2nd September.

So that is that!

Our first league match of the season, as I said, is away to Newcastle United. Who, coincidentally was our first opponents last season away. Then we face Fulham at Wembley, followed by Manchester United and Watford away. Then we have the grand opening of our new stadium, which will be against Liverpool (those that ended last season below us in fourth). If you remember we beat them 4-1 at Wembley and held them to a draw at Anfield. So that will be an exciting and much looked forward game. Hopefully, we will get the same result as last time (at Wembley) and get a great and memorable occasion.

The last game of the season will be a home match, as it was last season, and that will be against Everton and their new manager.
Spurs Chat / Re: Spurs 5 Leicester City 4
« Last post by Voice on June 14, 2018, 04:03:33 PM »

We start off posting, even if it is debating between us and hopefully more will join us. Keep your eyes glued and hope others will join us. I shall continue writing articles, as I've been doing.

I am also willing to write article or whatever if that helps (this forum). I do that on my own Spurs Facebook page and Twitter page. This forum has great potential.

I also have a Facebook page and twitter account (for Spurs) and do the articles. So I am also willing to help out this forum. For the time being we've got two of us.
Spurs Chat / Re: Spurs 5 Leicester City 4
« Last post by Voice on June 14, 2018, 04:02:18 PM »
This  is my dog "Dollar" who passed away recently from cancer at the age of 9. Real Spurs dog with a proper Spurs collar bought from the shop at the Lane a few years ago. Loved sitting alongside me watching Spurs  games on TV.  Miss him terribly!


Sorry to hear about your dog. I lost mine ten years ago. I have another one now, so I know how you feel.
Spurs Chat / Re: Spurs 5 Leicester City 4
« Last post by spursjoolz on June 12, 2018, 11:02:54 PM »
This  is my dog "Dollar" who passed away recently from cancer at the age of 9. Real Spurs dog with a proper Spurs collar bought from the shop at the Lane a few years ago. Loved sitting alongside me watching Spurs  games on TV.  Miss him terribly!

Spurs Chat / Re: Spurs 5 Leicester City 4
« Last post by spursjoolz on June 12, 2018, 10:53:01 PM »
I don't remember who they are, but if they are watching, it would be good if they joined in and get this forum going again.

This s eason has been one of our best, new stadium coming up, Poch & Kane signing new contracts to be followed by others soon. Loads to discuss!

Hey! we even have 5 players in the England squad! How impressive is that?
Spurs Chat / Re: Spurs 5 Leicester City 4
« Last post by Voice on June 08, 2018, 05:37:19 PM »
Any of the admin people reachable?

I haven't tried, however, I am sure they are watching us in case we do something we shouldn't. I suppose you could always PM them.

Spurs Chat / Re: New Stadium: opening on time or not?
« Last post by Voice on June 08, 2018, 05:35:32 PM »
Pity that we may not be able to start th season in our new stadium but hey!

More to the point at the moment. Is Toby going and is Martial coming?

I think we will open this season.

As for Toby; I can't see him staying and we've got a good squad without him. As for Martial, well, he wants to leave and likes Pochettino. They could swap both players.
Spurs Chat / Kane, winter and all that razzmatazz.
« Last post by Voice on June 08, 2018, 05:33:45 PM »
Kane, winter and all that razzmatazz.

First the good news. Kane has signed a new six-year deal, which means that he will be with us until 2024. Of course we all know that contracts are not worth the paper they are written on, nevertheless, with Pochettino signing a five-year deal it means that Spurs are at least looking towards the future. And Kane will stay providing that it seems like we are actually challenging for top honours. The nucleus of a great team is there. All we need now is one or two complementary players that will add to the squad and also replace those that are going to move on.

Kane, scored 30 Premier League goals as we finished third in the table last season and he is also about to lead England to World Cup glory (hopefully). He recently became our leading scorer in the Premier League era. Kane's previous contract, which was announced in December 2016 and was apparently worth more than £100,000 a week, had been due to expire in 2022.

Now we just wait until we hear who our signings will be and who will leave.

With Kane signing a new contract and the new stadium this up and coming season if you happen to be a Spurs players you will feel like Christmas is coming before Christmas.

Now to the League Cup, Micky Mouse Cup or the Carabao Cup.

This coming season the League Cup is to abandon extra-time. Also: all games in the Premier League grounds will use the much mocked VAR system. Isn’t football just becoming robotic and bureaucratic and the fun is going out of football? Anyway, EFL Cup matches will now go straight to penalty kicks if the scores are level after 90 minutes to reduce "additional fatigue issues" following a vote by English Football League clubs. However, if one should get to the Final, then Wembley will play extra-time – if need be.

Seeding will also be removed for the first two rounds of the competition. But round one will remain regionalised into North and South sections.

Winter break for Premier League clubs in February from 2019-20.

The break will be staggered across two weeks, with five matches on the first weekend and five the following weekend.

The FA Cup fifth round will be repositioned to midweek to accommodate the break, with replays being scrapped at that stage.

"It's no secret that we have a very congested fixture calendar, and over recent years we have been working with the whole game to find a solution," said FA chief executive Martin Glenn.

Winter breaks are already being used by the top leagues in Germany, France, Italy and Spain, though they all take place between December and January, which is the busiest period for Premier League teams.

On top of that, the 2019-20 will be a season of even more change following the announcement that Amazon will show 20 Premier League matches a season for three years from 2019 after winning one of the final two broadcast packages. The other unsold package of 20 games was bought by BT Sport for £90m.

Another quick one: with extra revenue coming in from Europe the top six-positions – not top clubs – will get additional monies. This was recently voted on by the Premier League. The top six clubs wanted the money, but they wouldn’t have got the vote through so a compromise was made.

So, a bundle of emotions in those packages (no pun intended). Personally, I don’t agree on winter breaks. It is part of our football heritage. Again, political manipulation by those that don’t really understand football or are even interested in the fans feelings. As for taking away extra-time; this is another case of pen-pushers taking football out of football and making it more robotic. Years ago we used to have replays after replays until there was a final victory, that is until the pen-pushers decided it wasn’t in the interest of “Football Governors,” and sod what the fans wanted. Arseholes are trying to take over football and make it sanitised, cold and regimental. Football is a success, not because of the arseholes that manipulate football, but the fans who energise it and making it what is; one of the worlds top sports. But out of all of this – what I have written – there is some good news… Kane has signed a new contract, and the light shining on Spurs is getting brighter every day.
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